Broncos News · CRUSH

Considering the highly anticipated return of the football CRUSH Game, there have been many questions of late about CRUSH and its origination. I spent the past week digging into this and found that I got varying degrees of rumor and legend as to what ‘CRUSH’ is. Some say it started with a Brandeis Volleyball t-shirt slogan, some say that it’s a play of words on our rival school, ie. Orange Crush (‘OC’), and if you go straight to the boss, Dr. Berger, it’s ‘CRUSH THEM’.  Next, I went to the t-shirt making sources…The Brandeis Broncos Athletics Booster Club. The originals…those parents that were here in the beginning. The information I gathered made me even more proud to be part of this school. Volunteers who love kids and athletics were laying the ground work for generations…that’s our Booster Club.

CRUSH originated the 2nd year of Brandeis’ existence. We’ve been CRUSHing for 9 years. The concept was founded with the idea of giving Brandeis an identity of its own. Quite a bit of early influence was taken from the Denver Broncos, and their famed ‘Orange Crush’ defense from the 70’s. It was established as a fundraiser for the Booster Club by having sponsors for our ‘CRUSH shirts’ – the key here is that the Booster Club has always offered these t-shirts for $5, encouraging the students to buy them to show support for each other.  When we play our rival school, it has always been an Orange Out…. hence the shirts became a top commodity during this game. Originally, the game was dubbed the ‘1604 Bowl’, only after the constant Sea of Orange in the stands, (and coincidentally that Brandeis leads the series 5-3), has it become dubbed by many as The CRUSH Game. The t-shirts over the years have become a norm for the student body to wear. It’s now a standard to have a ‘CRUSH Game’ every time we play OC. Even when the football game took a few years off, CRUSHing did not. Shirts were still sponsored, offered, sold, and worn for every CRUSH game! It’s safe to say on average we’ve had 12 sponsors every year…bringing in a conservative estimate of $54,000 in donations throughout CRUSH history. This money goes right back to the student athletes, while still maintaining the shirt price at an affordable $5. Many joke that it’s the best $5 investment around, because you will wear your shirt out every year supporting the Brandeis kids.

It’s exciting that this football game is back, we are thrilled that CRUSH has a bigger stage again. The Sea of Orange tomorrow will be a site to remember. More than anything it represents a community, faculty, and student body supporting each other. For that reason, we will always CRUSH.